Wild Horse Global French Press Coffee Maker - 24oz (700mL) - Insulated Stainless Steel - Portable Thermal Coffee Makers for Home, Camping, Traveling (24Oz)

  • KEEPS TEA AND COFFEE WARM FOR LONGER: Enjoy steeping hot beverages for long periods of time with our stainless steel coffee maker. The double-walled metal insulation will lock-in temperature and taste for hours.
  • DURABLE, SHATTERPROOF: Our coffee maker with thermal carafe promises unwavering strength and won’t break like glass french presses. So well made, our manual coffee makers are even dishwasher friendly
  • ENJOY COLD BREW, TOO - Our cold brew iced coffee maker can be utilized for more than hot coffee. Enjoy cold brew coffees and even tea with this multipurpose coffee brewing set. Each insulated carafe features a measuring guide on the side for accuracy.
  • CLEAN, POLISHED LOOK: Aesthetically, the Wild Horse Global French press machine boasts a sleek, modern look that adds a decorative touch to your morning breakfast or after-dinner dessert. Our hot and cold coffee makers are rustproof and shatterproof.
  • MULTI-FILTER PLUNGER SYSTEM: This stainless steel french press is equipped with a 3-layered filtering system that stops even the finest coffee granules from getting through. With 3 bonus filters, our personal coffee maker is a must for all coffee lovers.